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Our mission is to deliver the best business unit economics to our customers.
We accomplish this through hard work and transparency. 

  • We will not engage in offering or accepting gifts, meals, entertainment or hospitality.

  • We will not be designated as a representative, broker, or distributor for any item that would be used by our customers or clients, other than our services as consultants.

  • We will not accept commissions, finder’s fees, marketing funds or any other type of direct or indirect compensation for the sale of goods to our clients or customers.

  • We will not accept samples for anything other than immediate use and evaluation for an active customer for a current project.

  • We will not exchange preference for money, goods or future assistance.

  • We will avoid participating in or influencing a customer decision that may result in personal gain, gain for a family member or someone with who we have a close personal relationship.

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